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Donkeys, Elephants, & The DOJ

Historically those who identified as Democrats have viewed the Department of Justice with suspicion, it is now those who identify as Republicans who do so.

The Murky Investigation of the D.C. Bomber

The FBI is in dire need of a “win”, when one considers all the criticism that has been heaped upon it over a number of recent controversial investigations.

Under Promise, Under Deliver

Chris Clark, one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers, responding to the Washington Post, noted with a straight face that “it is a federal felony for a federal agent to leak information about a Grand Jury investigation such as this one.” “Any agent you cite as a source in [the Post’s] article apparently has committed such a […]

The right move by state police leadership

“Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.” – Perry Belcher I saw this posted on LinkedIn. Truth is, I don’t even know who Perry Belcher is, but his statement certainly hit the mark. Morale is one of those intangibles that cannot be measured objectively, but is as important […]

The FBI and the Third Rail of Politics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation loses the trust of the public whenever it has veered from its designated lane of investigating serious crime and fighting actual terrorism. Stubbing their wingtips on the third rail of partisan politics and being shocked should not surprise them, which is why the FBI needs to avoid falling into this […]

The FBI’s Golden Opportunity

The FBI, and its steward, the DOJ, desperately need to rehabilitate their current image. Both agencies have been pilloried recently and for good reason. They need to get back to basics, out of the partisan fire and back into the frying pan of crime fighting. The alarming spike in what can best be described as […]