The Thin Blue Lie – (Hardcover) SOLD OUT

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A former FBI agent, now assigned to a federal fugitive task force, discovers FBI misconduct and reports his concerns to his boss, the head of all law enforcement for the state of Connecticut.


When Dillon is subsequently removed from the task force, he is reassigned, demoted, harassed at home and work, then threatened with termination.


Dillon finally files a federal civil action against his employer, leading to a contentious trial that ultimately involves testimony from renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee and the most famous police whistleblower of all time, former New York city detective Frank Serpico.


Even after a major courtroom victory and landmark decision, Dillon realizes retaliation has only just begun.


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by Greg Dillon

8 reviews for The Thin Blue Lie – (Hardcover) SOLD OUT

  1. Alice Malcolm (verified owner)

    I just finished reading this book and it was an eye opener. A fantastic read….difficult to put down. This book brought back many memories of my time working in the state criminal justice system. I recommend everyone read this whether in law enforcement or not.

  2. Filomena Giannico

    If I could do 6 stars, I would! A true gripping story about living your moral code when confronted with the obstacles that challenge it. What follows is a media event in a search for truth, and an appearance by the world famous Serpico to stand by the side of a fellow truth-seeker. Dillon writes with passion, humor, and an insight into a legal system that keeps itself in the news with similar events that continue to happen today.

  3. Robert Gusberti

    I wish I were as good at gathering my thoughts as well as my old friend and colleague, Greg, has done in this book. Some of his story I remember well, as I was there, but the gist of his book dealt with his time as a Connecticut State Inspector. I felt angry about the actions of fellow FBI Agents in New Haven. I never doubted Greg’s account, as I have known him to be, beyond question, a man of honor and reputation…and decency. Greg’s ability to recall even the slightest details blows me away. I strongly recommend “The Thin Blue Line” to all law enforcement and lay persons alike. It is a compelling story brought to life in Greg’s words (words I heard his voice reading to me). Thanks to you my friend for always doing right by me, the citizens of the U.S. and certainly the good people of your home state.

  4. Kevin Morann (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic book, from the minute I stated reading I was pulled in to the story . I couldn’t wait to see how it all worked out and finished the book in one sitting . It made me angry in parts ultimately justice prevails .

  5. Peter Fearon (verified owner)

    Congratulations Greg on a very well written and accurate depiction of your adventures at the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney. As an Inspector, who witnessed a portion of the Soap Opera, thank you for your accurate recollection. I was engrossed from start to finish! I miss a number of the great law enforcement officers you have mentioned and sad to hear of the passing of others. You always met the adversary head-on and never backed down. Thank you for those thirty years of service to our Country and State.

  6. Jeryl Gray

    5 stars

  7. Gawain Guedry

    In the criminal justice system, especially within law enforcement investigations, the goal of any criminal inquiry is to gather evidence and convince witnesses to provide statements – then testify when necessary.

    Witness cooperation is part-and-parcel in holding criminal offenders accountable. Officers and investigators readily cheer when they successfully convince individuals to help convict those accused of crimes.

    When an offender, however, is part of a system – like a law enforcement organization – the term “witness” is no longer cheered or accepted. Instead, the offender(s) castigate(s) the individual(s) that hope to bring light to their immoral and/or criminal activity.

    In our current world where right appears to be wrong and wrong seems right, it will take strong, moral people to help bring back honor and integrity to those private and public institutions that lack these values. There is no better template to guide us with this task than Greg Dillon’s The Thin Blue Lie.

    Greg Dillon epitomizes the courage our country so badly needs from each of us. While his book is a tale of the pain and struggles he endured while following his moral compass, it is also a solid blueprint for Doing the Right Thing, At the Right Time, and In the Right Way.

    His book is an absolute requirement for those who want to fight for values!

  8. Robert Tupa

    Outstanding read. A must read for anyone in state or local law enforcement taking part in the task force involving the FBI.

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