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Dillon v. Bailey Decision

ARTERTON, District Judge.

Plaintiff Gregory Dillon, an Inspector with the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney for the State of Connecticut since 1990, brings a First Amendment challenge under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 to the speech-limiting directives of July 30, 1996, April 28, 1997, and January 9, 1998, which were issued by defendant John Bailey, who has been Chief State’s Attorney since 1993. These directives followed the plaintiff’s reporting evidence that FBI agents with whom he worked on a joint task force had engaged in unlawful conduct. Plaintiff’s complaint asserted two claims: interference with constitutionally protected rights and retaliation for exercise of or to chill exercise of speech rights.

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Dillon v. Morano Decision

POOLER, Circuit Judge:

Plaintiff-appellant Gregory Dillon appeals from the May 1, 2006, judgment of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut (Covello, J.) granting summary judgment in favor of defendant-appellee Christopher Morano on Dillon’s claim that Morano allegedly engaged in a series of adverse employment actions against Dillon as retaliation for Dillon’s prior protected First Amendment activity. We vacate the judgment of the district court with respect to Dillon’s claim that he was denied a promotion as retaliation for his First Amendment activity, and remand this part of Dillon’s complaint for further proceedings. We affirm the remainder of the district court’s decision.

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